Gloom in Space

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Space is the worst. Empty, black, airless, awash in radiation, and dotted with immense clods of flaming plasma that make everything within millions of miles too hot to support life. If your living room were like space, you'd never, ever go there.

In Gloom in Space, you make your rag-tag band or star-faring heroes miserable, and then kill them.

In Gloom in Space…

  • Each player chooses their own crew of sci-fi archetypes; the Smuggler, Captain, Dark Lord, and more!
  • Modifiers add or subtract points
  • With transparent cards, the points you can still see are the points that are in play
  • It's all about storytelling. The players, not the cards, provide the depressing details about why "The Engineer" was so deeply "Troubled by Tribbles."

Eventually, enough Untimely Deaths come to pass that the game ends. And then? The most miserable crew wins.

Gloom in Space is a stand-alone game that's also compatible with all existing Gloom core games and expansions.


  • 2 Decks of 55 Transparent Cards


Players: 2-4
Ages: 13+
Designer: Keith Baker