Gloom of Thrones

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Gloom of Thrones at a glance:
  • A game of transparent parody and machination.
  • Make your family miserable (and then kill them!) while inflicting horrible happiness on your opponents' families.
  • The all-new Porcelain Throne mechanic adds delightful regicide to Gloom


The World of Gloom

Gloom of Thrones spreads the misery and suffering of Gloom to the ill-fated land of dead monarchs, dead knights, dead brothers, dead sisters, dead heirs, dead grandmothers, dead chambermaids, and almost-dead bastards.

Plague your family with horrible mishaps like being Seduced by a Sibling or Tumbled from a Tower, all while filling the lives of the other noble families with happy events like weddings and family reunions that will raise their Self-Worth score. The player with the lowest-scoring, most tragedy-afflicted family wins!


  • 2 55-card Decks
  • Rulesheet


Players: 2 - 5
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 30m - 1h
Designer: Kyla McT