Heckna! Box Set

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Heckna! is a dark, whimsical carnival setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition. This box set includes new carnival-oriented character options, monsters, spells, magic items, an innovative Shuffle Stories engine for near limitless replayability and a goofy and gruesome adventure for 1st to 10th level characters.

Welcome to The Revelia, the greatest carnival in all the realms– and home to the egomaniacal showman, Heckna. The clown is not all he seems, and he certainly won't let anyone leave his wondrous carnival. Will you confront him or seek to escape? Step right up!


  • Heckna! Hardcover Campaign Book
  • Reference Cards
  • Heckna! Playing Card Deck
  • Foldout Map of The Revelia
  • Cardboard Punchout Standees
  • Pile of Tickets (The In-Game Currency)
  • Animated Spells Reference Cards
  • Heckna! Poster