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Splashes of dark ink on a blank page, the characters illegible - or are they? The line that seemed like a scribble, could it perhaps be the letter N, or is it a Z on its side? And that circle, is it an O or a Q, or maybe part of a B? You can't know for sure, but you might have an inkling…

Inkling is a word game for 3 to 6 players with an innovative twist. Each turn you will play your letter cards in front of you, hoping the players next to you can glean the words you're trying to convey - but without the perfect letters you will need to get creative! How you go about that is up to you: rotate your cards, play them upside down or on their side, or have them overlap one another - whatever it takes to get your meaning across.


  • 200+ Ink Cards
  • Scorepad
  • Rules


Players: 3 - 6
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 20m
Designer: John Keyworth