Jim Henson's Labyrinth : The Adventure Game

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Will you escape the Labyrinth or fall prey to the charms of the Goblin King?

This beautiful collectors’ item contains a full epic adventure which can be played both by expert roleplayers using their favorite RPG rules system, and by fans of the Labyrinth who are not roleplayers, using the streamlined rules system included in the book!

In this hardback book (Approx. 280+ full-color pages) you will find:

  • A full-length adventure with over 100 varied scenes
  • Full rules for creating characters and adventuring in the labyrinth
  • Two custom dice included 
  • Written by renowned RPG writer Ben Milton, with guest scenes by Alessio Cavatore, Jack Caesar, Patrick Stuart, & Matt Ward
  • Amazing Artwork by Ralph Horsley, Johnny Fraser-Allen & Brian Froud
  • Tools and tables for creating your own adventures within the Labyrinth
  • Three colored ribbon markers for tracking progress through the adventure
  • Full-color bookmark with rules references and tips
  • High-quality cloth cover, the perfect addition to any collector’s bookshelf


System: System Neutral, Rules Light System Included
Mechanic: GM & Dice 
Number of Players: 3 - 6
Genre: Modern Fantasy
Tone: Light-Hearted, Serious
Themes: Adventure, Reality