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JUGGERNAUT is card-based live-action roleplaying game about free will for 4-6 players from the creators of Fiasco.

 It is July 3rd, 1950.

The Korean War has just begun. Harry Truman has received a grim outline of the Cold War that is to enfold the world for the next 40 years. Cinderella is a box office sensation. And you have invented a computer that can see the future.

 This computer, Juggernaut, processes enormous data sets, supposedly in the service of code-breaking once the technology is proven and refined. But it seems that Juggernaut - given enough resources - should be able to crack ciphers before they are even invented.

This Twilight Zone style game puts you into the shoes of the geniuses tasked with operating Juggernaut. In the 2 hours or so it takes to play, you'll uncover secrets, squabble, and potentially peer into the future... 

72 cards help guide you through sessions, including:
  •  22 Job Summary Cards - simulated punch cards representing the Juggernaut machine's cryptic predictions of the future
  • 36 Additional Job Summary Cards - more Job Summary Cards to make Juggernaut even more replayable
  • 6 Character Cards - provides a quick summary of the characters you'll play, including what he/she thinks of the others
  • 6 Rules Cards - to help everyone play the game


  • Full Color Deck of 72 Standard-Sized Cards


Players: 4-6
Designer: Jason Morningstar



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