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Be the first to collect all of your treasures by shifting the walls of the Labyrinth to create a clear path to get to them. Watch out for traps as the walls constantly move. This mysterious maze game is magic!

Labryinth is a challenging puzzle game that can be enjoyed by children or amped up for adults by adding harsher competition. 

Slide tiles in tandem with fixed tiles to make up the mighty labryinth. One tile always exists outside of the maze, and is the tile players will slide onto the board, which causes another tile to fall of the board and become the spare tile.

Rearrange the maze to create a path to collect treasures! Collect all of your treasures and manipulate the maze to return home! 


  • Playing Board
  • 34 Maze Cards
  • 24 Treasure Cards
  • 4 playing pieces


Players: 2 - 4
Ages: 8+
Runtime: 20m
Designer: Max J. Kobbert