Loonacy Retro

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Retro Loonacy is a rapid fire game where players race to be the first to empty their hand by matching images with the images on the open piles in front of them.

It’s easy enough to teach in a single sentence, and so addictive you can’t play just one game. 

You and your friends will start with a hand of seven cards, and simultaneously play your cards onto the open piles on the table. If nobody can play a card, everyone draws a card to their hand, so you will likely find yourself on the brink of victory, only to be saddled with extra cards. The first player to empty their hand is the winner!

Speed of the hand and luck of the draw determine the winner in this frenzied free-for-all!

This version of Loonacy features retro artwork.


  • 100 Cards
  • Instruction


Players: 2 - 5
Ages: 8+
Designer: Andrew Looney