Lost in the Deep

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Lost in the Deep is a solo narrative game about isolation, survival and perseverance even when faced with the inevitability of our own demise.

You play as the last survivor of an expedition of dwarves who set out to restore the Kingdom Under the Mother Mountain, the legendary city from which all dwarves have come and was lost a millennia ago. While exploring, your band unwittingly set loose an ancient evil and one by one you lost your companions.

As the surviving dwarf, wander through the endless corridors of the mountain city, using a deck of cards, d6 die and a tumbling tower to guide your journey. Face obstacles, make tough choices regarding your few resources and think about your fallen companions in this terrible place. Your only hope is to find the many sets of stairs that will lead you out of this nightmare. But that seems unlikely...


System: Wretched and Alone
Mechanic: Deck of Standard Playing Cards, Tumbling Tower, d6 Die, 10 Coins
Number of Players: 1
Genre: Fantasy
Tone: Serious, Dark
Themes: Survival, Isolation, Perserverance
Designer: Diogo Nogueira