Magic School

by Djeco

In Magic School, you must work together with your friends and family to associate the magical objects with their owners.

At the beginning, all the cards are shuffled and placed in a pile, face down, on the table. On your turn, draw a card, show it to everyone and put it face-down on the table.

If your friends think that the card drawn matches a card that is already on the table, they put it on top of it. Otherwise, they place it next to it. When all cards have been drawn, the 16 pairs created are checked.

You all win if you can match at least 10 pairs!


  • Rules
  • 16 Magic Item Cards
  • 16 Character Cards


Players: 1 - 6
Ages: 5+
Runtime: 5 - 15m 
Designer: Jonathan Favre-Godal