Magnetic Dice Tray (8x11in) Leather Black / Velvet Teal

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This stylish reversible dice tray is leather on one side, velvet on the other. Or leave one side down and roll the dice towards the walls. 


  • Easy to carry to games, easy to setup, small so it doesn't dominate your table!
  • +9 against metal dice damage to wooden tables
  • Quiets loud dice rolls on plastic tables
  • Keeps dice from flying off the table or hitting your minis
  • High quality materials, strong enough for metal dice
  • Fits easily into backpacks and folders
  • Durable magnets ensure a perfect setup and seamless takedown without the hassle of snaps


Perfectly proportioned to fit this leather Dice Tower, players learn to fear the rumble of metal dice clattering down to spell the fate of each encounter.


8.5 x 11 inches when flat

In "Dice Tray" mode it is 5 x 7.75 inches with 1.75 inch high walls.