Pro Painted Miniature by Lauren Bilanko | Indra Greythread

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Custom painted miniatures by Lauren Bilanko

Inspired by the World of Mira, each miniature is hand painted and one of a kind. 

Indra Greythread

Indra has left home for a bit of soul searching before taking her oaths. Her father is a guardian of the Nautili Isles and after the Tusks Wars, has sworn to protect the Nautili. Indra started combat training when she was 4 years old and there is a lot of pressure for her to follow in her fathers footsteps. Indra is just not sure if that is how she wants to spend the next 400 years of her life.


Species: Human Young Elf

Profile: Survivalist

Specializations: Weapons Expert, Explorer

Height: 1.5 inch

Base: 1 inch

Model: Deep Cuts : Human Rogue (Female)

Paint: Reaper Master Series

Year: 2018


Commissions are available. Please contact for more details.