Pro Painted Miniature by Lauren Bilanko | Daschelle Bia

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Custom painted miniatures by Lauren Bilanko

Inspired by the World of Mira, each miniature is hand painted and one of a kind. 

Daschelle Bia

Daschelle is usually hanging around Blackbottom's Dock City working on cargo ships for extra money in between adventuring gigs. She loves the fish and chips at the Crab Shack and has started a petition for funding to clean up trash dumped into the ocean.


Species: Human Orvir

Profile: Survivalist

Specializations: Activist, Inventor

Height: 1 inch

Base: 1 inch

Model: Reaper 44009 Daschelle Rogue (Female)

Paint: Reaper Master Series

Year: 2020


Commissions are available. Please contact for more details.