Monopoly The Simpsons

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Celebrate 30 years of America’s favorite cartoon family with this special The Simpsons edition of Monopoly!

Custom-sculpted tokens of Homer (as the Monorail Conductor), Bart, Jebediah Springfield, and even the family dog take players through familiar town locations to buy, sell, and trade their way to being the last fan standing.


  • 6 Custom Tokens (Homer as the Monorail Conductor, Kang, Bart, Blinky, Santa's Little Helper, Jebediah Springfield)
  • Custom Game Board
  • Houses and Hotels (Renamed: Monorail Stops and Monorail Stations)
  • Community Chest & Chance Cards
  • Custom Themed Money
  • Rules


Players: 2 - 6
Ages: 8+
Runtime: 2h