Monopoly Vintage Bookshelf Edition

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The game of Monopoly was first published by Parker Brothers in 1935 - though it had achieved widespread popularity as The Landlord's Game for years prior.

Since that time, millions of people across the globe have experienced the joy of passing “GO” and collecting $200 in their attempt to “Own it All”.

This classic game has been reimagined and is the perfect combination of form, function and fun! 

This stylish linen-wrapped book look absolutely beautiful on display on your bookshelf. Open the book and it will reveal premium components inspired by the original editions of each game all stored neatly inside.


  • Vintage 1935 Gameboard and Cards
  • Deluxe removable bankers tray
  • Die Cast movers
  • Wood houses and hotels

For fun Monopoly facts about the creator of Monopoly Elizabeth Magie, check out our 2019 International Women's Day blog!


Players: 2 - 8
Ages: 8+