Motel Spooky Nine

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Motel Spooky-Nine is a solo journaling game about making intimate connections at a paranormal motel filled with interesting monstrous characters looking for love in all its varieties.

Explore the mysterious getaway using a spread of facedown playing cards, engage in enticing encounters with a set of love dice (or d6 dice) at the helm and make connections you'll remember the rest of this life and all those after...

Content Warning: This game is intended for adults as it guides players to write works of fiction that might include erotic descriptions and sexual circumstances.


System: Solo Journaling
Mechanic: Standard Playing Cards, Six-Sided Die
Ages: 18+
Number of Players: 1
Genre: Fantasy
Tone: Light-Hearted
Themes: Connection, Desire, Intimacy, Fantasy
Designer: Julie-Anne Muñoz
Art: Jess Kuczynski (cover), Sam Fisher