MTG Booster Box Set (30ct) Innistrad Crimson Vow (VOW)

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Innistrad: Crimson Vow is packed with everything you'd expect from a vampire wedding: a "radiant" bride and dashing groom, guests traveling from afar, and gifts to share—all being attended to with exacting detail.

Set Mechanics

  • Training: Whenever a creature with training attacks alongside a creature of greater power, put a +1/+1 counter on the creature with training.
  • Cleave: If you choose to pay the cleave cost rather than the mana cost, you can ignore all the words in brackets on the card
  • Blood Tokens: a new predefined token: Blood tokens. Blood tokens are colorless artifact tokens with "{1}, {T}, Discard a card, Sacrifice this artifact: Draw a card."
  • Daybound & Nightbound: Returning mechanic from Midnight Hunt. The game starts out as neither day nor night. In most games, it will become day first. The most common way that will happen is if a permanent with daybound appears on the battlefield. Once it's day or night, the game will be exactly one of those designations, day or night, going back and forth until the game ends. It can never return to being neither.

Booster Box Contents

Each Booster Box contains one single-card Box Topper Booster, and 30 Set Boosters that have 14 randomized cards in each pack.

Box Topper

Each Booster comes with one Box Topper that has a single card in it.

The single box topper card is one of 17 Dracula series cards inspired by beloved characters from the 1897 novel, Bram Stoker's Dracula.

17 of these cards can be found in the Box Topper booster and Collector's Boosters. There is an eighteenth card, and it is only available as the Buy-a-Box promotion (see below).

Booster Pack Contents

  • 12 - 13 Magic Cards1
  • 1 Art Card2
  • 1 Token, Ad, Helper, or Card from The List3
  • 1 Traditional Foil Double/Single-faced Card4
  • 2 Double/Single-faced Cards5
  • 1 Double/Single-faced Rare or Mythic Rare
  • 2 Double/Single-faced Commons or Uncommons6
  • 2 Single-faced Uncommons
  • 3 Single-faced Commons
  • 1 Eternal Night Full-art Basic Land7

Buy-a-Box Promo Card

Boxes purchased in-store or online are eligible for an exclusive Buy-a-Box promo card Castle Dracula while supplies last.

Castle Dracula is the eighteenth of Dracula Series cards from Crimson Vow, and it is only available as the Buy a Box Promo (it's isn't found in booster packs or preconstructed decks).

You get one promo for each box purchased.

Additional Set Booster Pack Clarification

There are some additional notes to confuse you (and us!) just a little more as there is a lot to UNPACK 😉 in these Set Boosters.
  • At least one foil in every pack. These can be any rarity, so this is one of several places where players can get a rare or mythic rare in a single Set Booster.
  • 1 12 - 13?! One item in the pack will be a token, ad OR a Magic Card from The List. The remaining 12 items in the pack are all Magic Cards.
  • 2 Art cards are foil stamped in 5% of packs
  • 3 25% of the time, Set Boosters contain a card from The List — interesting cards from anywhere in Magic's history, printed as they appeared (including art, frame, and expansion symbol) plus a small Planeswalker symbol in their lower-left corner.
  • 4 Traditional foil is a showcase, borderless, or any other Innistrad: Crimson Vow card of any rarity
  • 5 Double or single faced card can be a showcase card of any rarity, a borderless rare or mythic rare, an Innistrad: Crimson Vow Commander rare or mythic rare, or any common or uncommon
  • 6 Can be a double-faced showcase, single-faced showcase, or any Innistrad: Crimson Vow double-faced common or uncommon
  • 7 Eternal night basic land is traditional foil in 15% of packs

There are 277 cards in this set.