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MTG PreRelease Sealed

Join us for Magic: The Gathering PreRelease! Every month or so Wizards of the Coast releases a new set of Magic Cards – be the first to crack open packs and play!


Gather your friends at Twenty Sided for Prerelease Week! You will receive a Bloomburrow PreRelease Pack and everything you need to play.

You may also pick up a new set of dice, sleeves, a new deck box, and a playmat to enhance your experience.

Sealed Format

Inside your PreRelease Pack are 6 Play Booster Packs. Build a 40-card deck with the cards you open in those packs, and then get paired up to play. There are three rounds, best of three games each round!

Prize Support:

  • 3-0: 5 Play Booster Packs
  • 2-1: 3 Play Booster Packs
  • all other records: 1 Play Booster Packs

Two Headed Giant Format (2HG)

You and your teammate each get a PreRelease Pack. You'll pool all of your cards together and build two 40-card decks each. You'll each play as a team against 3 other teams in best of one matches!

When signing up, one registration is good for the team!

You can read more about Two Headed Giant from Wizards!

Prize Support:

  • 3-0: 10 Play Booster Packs (per team)
  • 2-1: 6 Play Booster Packs (per team)
  • all other records: 2 Play Booster Packs (per team)

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Age: All Ages 13+
Level: Casual
Experience: Light Competition
Runtime: 4 Hours