Netrunner Data Pack Spin Cycle : Fear and Loathing

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“Can a single voice still make a difference? Probably not, but that won’t stop me from trying. What GRNDL does to the environment is nothing short of criminal.” –Tallie Perrault

Fear and Loathing is the fifth Data Pack in the Spin Cycle for Android: Netrunner.

The sixty new cards of Fear and Loathing translate a disjointed existence to your games of Netrunner. On the one hand, you have powerful and exploitative business entities and on the other, you have the beaten down masses.

While many people may be driven to silence, the game’s Runners and other spirited individuals, like the investigative reporter Tallie Perrault, are driven to action.

This is not a stand-alone deck. An copy of Netrunner is required to play.


  • 81-100 Cards of the Spin Cycle


Players: 2
Ages: 14+
Designer: Richard Garfield, Lukas Litzsinger