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Oriflamme is a fast, tactical and very interactive card game in a dark fantasy atmosphere rendered by the beautiful art of Magic the Gathering artist Tomasz Jedruszek.

The King has died without an heir and feuding families now attempt to seize power through schemes, cunning and... blood! You and your friends will plan your deadly schemes in the shadows and wait until the right moment to strike.

Opportunism, bluffing, clever card combinations and a pinch of backstabbing will be key to secure your family’s claim and steal the crown!


  • 50 Influence Cards
  • 70 Influence Point Tokens
  • 1 First Player Tile
  • 1 Resolution Direction Tile


Players: 3 - 5
Ages: 10+
Runtime: 15 - 30m 
Designer: Adrien Hesling, Axel Hesling