Pandemic Fall of Rome

by Z-Man
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At the height of its power, the Roman Empire had achieved major advancements in engineering, architecture, science, art, and literature. But decades of political corruption, economic crisis, and an overburdened military have paved the way for severe incursions from aggressive barbarian tribes.

Citizens, soldiers, and allies of Rome must unite to protect the Empire.

Raise armies, defend your cities, and forge alliances to ward off relentless incursions. Can you stop the fall of the world's greatest Empire?

Combining the cooperative gameplay of Pandemic with innovative new mechanics, Fall of Rome takes players back in history to the time of the world’s greatest empire: Rome.

As you march through the a weakened Roman Empire under threat from outside forces, you must recruit armies, fortify cities, forge alliances, and face off against the invading hordes in battle.

Take on unique roles with special abilities to improve your team’s chances to protect against the invaders. Work together, use your skills wisely, and stop the fall of Rome!

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  • 1 Board
  • 3 Battle Dice
  • 7 Role Cards
  • 7 Pawns
  • 70 Player Cards
  • 7 Reference Cards
  • 49 Barbarian Cards
  • 100 Barbarian Cubes
  • 16 Legions
  • 6 Forts
  • 5 Alliance Tokens
  • 1 Invasion Rate Marker
  • 1 Decline Marker


Players: 1 - 5
Ages: 8+
Runtime: 45m - 1h
Designer: Matt Leacock & Paolo Mori