Pandemic Reign of Cthulhu

by Z-Man
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The Old Ones, ancient beings of bizarre intelligence, stir within their vast cosmic prisons. You are cursed with knowledge that the sleeping masses cannot bear: that this Evil exists, and that it must be stopped at all costs!

You are an investigator working to seal four gates to keep your quaint New England town from being overrun with cultists, Shoggoths, and hopefully preventing Cthulhu itself from awakening!

Experience a horrifying twist as you contend with twelve Old Ones who threaten the world with their unique powers. 

Only by working together can you save the world from the unspeakable horror that lurks beyond our earthly realms.

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  • Rulebook
  • 1 Game Board
  • 7 Investigator Figures
  • 26 Cultist Figures
  • 3 Shoggoth Figures
  • 4 Seal Tokens
  • 7 Investigator Cards
  • 12 Old One Cards
  • 44 Clue Cards
  • 12 Relic Cards
  • 24 Summoning Cards
  • 4 Reference Cards
  • 18 Sanity Tokens
  • 1 Sanity Die


Players: 2-4
Ages: 14+
Designer: Chuck D. Yager



How to Play