Pandemic Rising Tide

by Z-Man
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For centuries, the Dutch have relied upon a series of dikes and wind-powered pumps to keep water from invading their lands. But with a quarter of the Netherlands reclaimed from the sea and the population constantly expanding, a new system is needed to hold back the ever-encroaching waters.

You and your friends play as a team of Dutch civil officials helping to modernize the water containment system. Your ultimate goal is to construct four hydraulic structures that will ensure the safety of your people for generations to come.

You must first buy yourself enough time by building:

  • Dikes to control water flow
  • Ports to facilitate travel
  • Windmills to pump the water out of flooded lands.

Choose your actions carefully, work as a team, and usher in the Industrial Age!

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  • 7 Pawns
  • 7 Role Cards
  • 78 Player Cards
  • 56 Dike Failure Cards
  • 4 Hydraulic Structure Tokens
  • 1 Sea Level Marker
  • 1 Reminder Marker
  • 5 Reference Cards
  • 1 Population Loss/Setup Summary Card
  • 50 Dikes, 5 Pumping Stations
  • 12 Objective Cards
  • 36 Water Cubes
  • 36 Population Cubes
  • 5 Ports
  • 1 Board


Players: 2-5
Ages: 8+
Designer: Matt Leacock & Jeroen Doumen