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Gather your scraps and patches, because it's time to sew a blanket!

You and another player will compete to create the most beautiful (and therefore highest point-value) blanket over the course of this 15-30 minute game. Each turn will ask you to carefully choose, purchase, and place patches. 

Balance your costseffort, time, and short supply of buttons to skillfully create your patchwork blanket!


  • 1 Neutral Token
  • 2 Time Tokens
  • 2 Quilt Boards
  • 1 Double-Sided Central Time Board
  • 33 Patches
  • 50 Button Tiles
  • 5 Special Leather Patches
  • 1 Special Tile
  • Rulebook


Players: 2
Ages: 8+
Designer: Uwe Rosenberg