Pathfinder Bestiary 5

by Paizo
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Creatures strange beyond imagining and more terrifying than any nightmare lurk in the dark corners of the world and the weird realms beyond!

Within this book, you'll find hundreds of monsters for use in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Face off against everything from devils and dragons! Yet not every creature needs to be an enemy, as some will stand ready to aid you on your quests—if you prove yourself worthy.

The Pathfinder Bestiary 5 serves as a companion to the Pathfinder Core Rulebook and Pathfinder Bestiary.

Pathfinder RPG Bestiary 5 includes:

  • More than 300 different monsters
  • Psychic creatures both benevolent and terrifying
  • New familiars, animal companions, and other allies
  • New templates to help you get more life out of classic monsters
  • Appendices to help you find the right monster
    • including lists by Challenge Rating, monster type, and habitat
  • Expanded universal monster rules to simplify combat
  • Challenges for every adventure and every level of play
  • ... and much, much more!