Puzzle (1000pc) Vogue : Cherry Blossoms

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In its Spring Fashions Number from June 15, 1915, Vogue reported that there were “hints of the Restoration period” in the new modes. “There are certain lines shown by these narrow skirts, a certain freedom of the corsage, and sometimes a bit of long and narrow train, which give me a sensation of having seen a ‘Merveilleuse,’ ” wrote the magazine’s Parisian representative.

Helen Dryden brought her to life in a marvelous cover drawing of a haughty and supremely elegant femme du monde framed by a profusion of pink cherry blossoms in an arcadian garden.

Vogue Cover by Artist Helen Dryden, originally published on March 1919.


Pieces: 1000
Finished Size:   19.25" x2 6.625"
Artist:  Helen Dryden