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Mordred's vast armies of Evil hold Arthur's forces at the precipe of defeat. With the future of Britain balancing on a knife's edge, desperation compels Arthur to launch a series of hastily planned quests to tip the balance in Good's favor. Leaders must choose their teams quickly, without a vote. Yet all is not lost. The forces of Arthur are aided by a powerful magic and amulets to uncover the minions of Mordred hidden in their mist.

An all-new social deduction game by Don Eskridge for 4+ players!

In Quest, all will show their true colors as Good and Evil struggle for the future of civilization. Hidden amongst King Arthur's loyal servants are Mordred's unscrupulous minions. These forces of Evil are few in number, but if they go unknown, they can sabotage Arthur's great quests.

You are all dealt secret roles that determine your allegiance to Good or Evil. Then, debate, reason, and lie as you decide who to send on Quests—knowing that if just one minion of Mordred joins, the Quest could fail.

Quest includes

  • 25 different characters
  • many different ways to play the base game


Players: 4-10
Ages: 14+
Designer: Don Eskridge