Risk Game of Thrones
Risk Game of Thrones
Risk Game of Thrones
Risk Game of Thrones
Risk Game of Thrones

Risk Game of Thrones

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Escalate the classic game of strategic conquest, Risk, to an epic level of chaos and war in a battle for the Iron Throne.

This game features two custom-designed game boards, three ways to play, seven finely sculpted armies, and more than 650 total pieces.

Ready your swords for battle as you vie for domination of the Seven Kingdoms and beyond, because as Cersei said, "when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die." (Sorry, Ned.)

Three Ways to Play

1. Skirmish
Designed as an introduction to Game of Thrones Risk.

2. Dominion
Advanced version of Game of Thrones Risk including Objectives, Characters, and Maester cards, offering more in-depth strategic action.

3. World at War
Play with both maps and up to seven players using either the Skirmish or Dominion rules. (Don't confuse this with the greatest documentary series of all time, The World at War!)


  • 2 separate game board maps: Westeros & Essos
  • 315 Army Pieces represent Houses: Stark, Baratheon, Lannister, Martell, Tyrell, Targaryen & Ghiscari
  • 7 Seats of Power represent noble Houses
  • 7 Player Boards represent noble Houses
  • 187 Cards include Territory, Objective, Character & Maester cards
  • 63 Special Unit Tokens
  • 75 Gold Dragon Coins
  • 9 Dice
  • Instructions Booklet


  • Players: 2-7
  • Ages: 18
  • Designer: Andrew Wolf
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