Saboteur Expansion 2

by Amigo
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In Saboteur, each player takes on the role of a gold-digging dwarf or a saboteur who wants to hinder exploration of the gold mines — but each player knows only his own role, so the digging may or may not go as planned!

The Saboteur 2 expansion adds:

  • new role cards (the boss, profiteers, geologists) 
  • new action cards (steal gold, change your role)
  • new tunnel cards featuring doors, ladders and bridges. 

What's more, the gold seekers can now be divided into teams — blue vs. green — and only those on the team that finds the gold score anything — assuming that anyone finds the gold at all, of course...

This is not a standalone game. A copy of Saboteur is required to play. 


  • 98 Cards:
    • 32 Gold Stones
    • 30 Tunnel Cards
    • 21 Action Cards
    • 15 Dwarf Cards
  • Rules


Players: 2 - 12
Ages: 8+
Runtime: 45m
Designer: Fréderic Moyersoen