Serpent's Tooth

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Serpent's Tooth is a collaborative storytelling exploration about what it means to rule. You and your friends create a story about a King in the twilight of their reign. One of you plays the King, having vast power over the kingdom. The others play as members of the King's court, each with a hidden nature and the ability to seize the throne for their own. Collaborating together, you choose the King, create the kingdom they rule and play out a series of scenes to discover what unfolds.

With multiple genre settings, the ruler of your kingdom could be anyone from a dying monarch to the star quarterback to the CEO of a dot-com empire. The possibilites are endless... is your power?


System: Character Traits, Authority Negogiation
Mechanic: GM (King?), Narrative, Dice-less
Number of Players: 3+
Genre: Various
Tone: Dark Humor
Themes: Power, Authority, Revolution
Designer: Ross Cowman