Shadows Over Camelot
Shadows Over Camelot
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Shadows Over Camelot

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As the incarnation of the Knights of the Round Table, you join forces in an attempt to protect Camelot. Your victory hinges on the successful completion of legendary Quests. But beware... all is not as it seems among these noble Knights...

Shadows over Camelot is a cooperative/semi-cooperative hand-management and deduction-based board game for 3–7 players.

Each player represents a knight of the Round Table and they must collaborate to overcome a number of quests, ranging from defeating the Black Knight to the search for the Holy Grail.

Will you keep Camelot safe? Or will you play the traitor, secretly hindering the knights and waiting for your time to strike?

But enough words... don your cloak, climb astride your warhorse, and gallop into the Shadows to join us in Camelot!


  • 1 Master Gameboard 
  • 3 Double-Sided Quest Boards
  • 30 Miniatures of the Knights and Their Foes
  • 168 Cards
  • 7 Coats of Arms
  • 8 Dice
  • 16 Swords of the Round Table
  • 1 Rules Booklet
  • 1 Book of Quests


Players: 3-7
Ages: 10+
Designer: Bruno Cathala, Serge Laget

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