Something Is Wrong Here

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"To Work in a dream. If it's real, and you believe in it, you can say almost anything." - David Lynch

This is a dark dream of troubled times.

Something Is Wrong Here is a roleplaying game inspired by the uncanny work of David Lynch. It's atmospheric, emotional, and personal. You play troubled humans who struggle with their dark pasts and inner demons in order to make meaningful connections with each other.

This game can be played in one night, in the intimacy of your living room or a private convention room. The line between player and character is intentionally drawn thin, causing feelings to bleed from one to the other.


System: Custom
Mechanic: GM, Cards
Number of Players: 5 - 6, + Facilitator
Genre: Modern
Tone: Serious, Surreal
Themes: Identity Confusion, Americana, Surrealism