Star Trek Adventures GM Screen Kit

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The official Star Trek Adventures Gamemaster Screen is a high quality three panel screen to help power your Star Trek missions.

The exterior features beautiful rendered artwork of Starfleet vessels and Romulan cruisers, while the inside cover contains useful rules references, tables, charts and random generators for Gamemasters so the 2d20 system is at your fingertips!

The Gamemaster screen contains:

  • Beautiful artwork that wraps around the 3 outer facing panels of the screen
  • Rules references for Task Difficulty, Momentum spends, Conflict tasks, and Non-Player Character special rules
  • Reference tables for weapons, damage, and NPC crews
  • 6 x double sided laminated reference sheets for bridge positions on one side and player aids on the other side
  • Folded poster map of the Alpha & Beta Quadrants

This is a supplement for the Star Trek Adventures roleplaying game


System: Modiphius 2d20 System
Mechanic: GM & Dice
Number of Players: 3 - 6
Genre: Sci Fi
Tone: Light, Serious
Themes: Adventure, Exploration, Friendship