Star Wars Age of Rebellion Stay On Target

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“Watch your back! Fighters above you, coming in!” –Wedge Antilles

The first book-length rules supplement for the Star Wars: Age of Rebellion Roleplaying Game, Stay on Target focuses on expanding the Ace career, making it more versatile and allowing your Ace characters to hone their talents to all-new levels!

Additionally, while the new rules and materials in Stay on Target may focus on the Ace career, they also offer new options for any character looking to master a starfighter, vehicle, or alien mount.

A 96-page rules supplement for Star Wars: Age of Rebellion features:

  • expansions of the Ace career with 3 new specializations, signature abilities, starfighters, vehicles, and alien mounts
  • new playable species, talents, and equipment 
  • helpful tips for Game Masters tips for incorporating Ace characters into their campaigns


System: Star Wars roleplaying system
Mechanic: GM & Dice 
Number of Players: 3 - 6
Genre: Sci-Fi
Tone: Serious
Themes: Exploration, Rebellion, Good versus Evil