Star Wars Destiny Booster Pack : Spark of Hope

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Even in the darkest of times, the spark of hope can be found in the Star Wars galaxy, lit by those who dream of a better life. In the era of the Clone Wars, Jedi like Obi-Wan Kenobi fought against the darkness of the Separatist army. Later, charismatic leaders like Jyn Erso and Luke Skywalker led a tiny band of Rebels against a Galactic Empire, and when the First Order rose to power, the Resistance stood up as the spark of hope that would burn it down.

Spark of Hope continues the themes introduced in Convergence, with an emphasis on subtypes, downgrades, and new plots that change the way you construct your deck! Look for Red villain cards that empty your opponent’s hand, a new set of moves and masteries for Blue heroes, powerful new bounty hunters bringing their skills to Yellow villains, and more!

This is not a standalone game. A copy of Star Wars Destiny is required to play.


  • 160 Cards
  • 4 Different Dice


Players: 2
Ages: 10+
Runtime: 30m
Designer: Corey Konieczka, Lukas Litzinger