Star Wars Rebellion

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"The more you tighten your grasp, Tarkin, the more star systems will slip through your fingers." –Leia Organa

Star Wars: Rebellion is a board game of epic conflict between the Galactic Empire and Rebel Alliance for two to four players!

Experience the Galactic Civil War like never before. In Star Wars: Rebellion, you control the entire Galactic Empire or the fledgling Rebel Alliance. You must command starships, account for troop movements, and rally systems to your cause.

Yet for all its grandiosity, Star Wars: Rebellion remains intensely personal, cinematic, and heroic. Play as Leia Organa, Mon Mothma, Grand Moff Tarkin, or Emperor Palpatine as you battle for the fate of the galaxy!


  • 1 Game Board
  • 153 Plastic Miniatures
  • 25 Leaders 
  • 10 Custom Dice
  • Over 170 Cards
  • 1 Learn to Play Booklet
  • 1 Rules Reference


Players: 2 - 4
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 3 - 4h
Designer: Corey Konieczka