Sunderwald : A Legacy RPG

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In the center of the kingdom of the Realm, there exists a dark and unsettling forest known as the Sunderwald. Within its reaches lie powerful artifacts and terrible knowledge. You are the vagabonds, daredevils, knights, priests and sorcerers tasked with exploring these woods. Try to make it out alive.

Sunderwald is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by Mörk Borg, Dark Souls and The Southern Reach Trilogy. It is designed to be modified as you play, making it a legacy roleplaying game. During play you will physically mark in the book, unearthing secrets as you go.


System: Custom, Unearthing Secrets
Mechanic: GM (WM- Wald Master) & Dice
Ages: 14+
Number of Players: 3-5
Genre: Fantasy
Tone: Serious, Dark
Themes: Exploration, Survival
Designer: Richard Kelly, Ash Hauenschild
Art: Joana Solà