Super-Skill Pinball 4-Cade

by Wizkids
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UPC: 634482875209

Imagine playing pinball with perfect reflexes! Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade brings the arcade classic to the tabletop with art, atmosphere, and roll & write mechanics from acclaimed designer Geoff Engelstein.

Choose one of the four unique tables, then roll a shared pair of dice and get the pinballs rolling! You'll select one of the two dice results, and move your pinball to a bumper, spinner, or target one level below with a matching number. Once you reach the lowest level, pick which flipper's roll to use and send the ball to the top of the table. Play well and you'll unlock bonuses like multiball, score multipliers, and more to help you get the high score!

  • Get your high score! Great for solitaire play, with quick setup, a small footprint, and included tracker for your high scores!
  • Strategic choices! Up to 4 play simultaneously, sharing the same dice rolls, so your choices of which bonuses to go after, and how much risk to take will make all the difference!
  • Phenomenal art! Bring the joy and excitement of a pinball arcade to life!

Each of the four tables comes with its own mechanics, challenges, and bonuses!

  • Carniball– the intro table, where you'll shoot ducks, pop balloons, and ring the bell in the test of strength!
  • Cyberhack – steal data from an evil corporation! Get past the corporate firewall! Avoid getting traced in the RUN push-your-luck mini-game!
  • Dance Fever! – return to the '70s! Heat things up in the Disco Pinferno mini-pin table! Hit the dance floor and get the Boogie Bonus!
  • Dragon Slayer – take on the role of a powerful Wizard! Hit targets to level up your spells! Magically manipulate the dice and trigger bonuses. Defeat the dragon to score mega points!


  • 4 copies each of 4 different pinball tables
      8 double-sided pinball table boards
        8 double-sided pinball backglass boards
        • 4 Dry Erase Markers with Erasers
        • 8 Pinball Movers
        • 1 Rulebook with High Score Trackers
        • 2 Dice


        Players: 1 - 4
        Runtime: 30m
        Ages: 12+
        Designer: Geoff Engelstein