The Crew : Mission Deep Sea

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The Crew : Mission Deep Sea is an exciting follow up to the critically acclaimed cooperative game, The Crew. Trade in your space suit for SCUBA gear as you and your team head underwater in search of the lost continent of Mu.

Using the same innovative cooperative trick-taking mechanic, discover new challenges (and some surprises!) on your mission into the abyss. Communication skills will be limited here underwater, but careful negotiation is the only way to lead your search party to victory. And maybe a little luck. Grab your wetsuit and dive in!

This game comes with a free companion app.


  • 40 Large Cards (Playing Cards)
  • 36 Color Cards
  • 4 Submarine Cards
  • 5 Large Reminder Cards
  • 96 Small Cards (Task Cards)
  • 5 Sonar Tokens
  • 1 Distress Signal Token
  • 1 Captain Token
  • 1 Logbook
  • Rules


Players: 3-5
Ages: 10+
Runtime: 20m
Designer: Thomas Sing
Illustrator: Marco Armbruster