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"Not again," thought Yousef, as he looked up at the two-ton lion statue careening towards him from the roof. "I don't know if I can take another Thursday."

Thursday is a tabletop role playing game of time loops, drama, and learning from your mistakes.

It is a game about finding out what is important in life as you fall off the fire escape for the fifth time. It's about finally making that deep connection, but knowing it'll all be lost with the next reset. Discover your character's hidden backstory and unmet desires, and help them reach the personal epiphany they need to escape the fatal time loop and move on.

In Thursday, time loops provide the opportunity to reflect on life in a way that is not possible when experiencing time linearly. The story begins at 10:00 pm on a Thursday in the city and continues until one of the characters dies, triggering a cascade that returns everyone to their starting arrangements with the benefit of the knowledge they have gained.


System: modified No Dice No Masters
Mechanic: GM-less, No Prep, & Dice-less
Genre: Modern, Sci-Fi
Tone: Light-Hearted, Serious
Themes: Time, Identity
Compare to: Russian Doll, Groundhog Day, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time