Twenty Sided Adventures : Pumpkin Dungeon

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Pumpkin Dungeon

A spooky adventure for brave characters.

Created by Lauren Bilanko

Written by Giaco Furino

Illustration by Kaylee Rowena

A flier tacked up outside town square glimmers in the moonlight, it reads: The moon is bright. The crows caw in the darkness. A thick fog gathers on the ground. It must be Halloween.

Daring adventurers, are you brave enough to wade your way through Pumpkin Dungeon? I, Lady Mystaria, am offering the brave and bold a chance to experience what a real dungeon feels like to explore.

Forty years ago I bested the Pumpkin Dungeon, and now I’m bringing the suspense to you. I offer flights of fancy and a spooky night of fun for anyone who dares test their mettle in this cleared out crypt. Live the excitement of a dungeon delve without the danger! Take a chance this Halloween... what could go wrong?

Pumpkin Dungeon is a Twenty Sided Adventure designed to mix the experience of a traditional haunted house with that of a classic dungeon crawl.