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Release Date: September

The year is 1913. The passengers of the SS Atlantica fully anticipated a calm journey to Boston, Massachusetts, with nothing out of the ordinary to look forward to. However, strange nightmares plague them every night; rumors circulate of dark shapes following closely behind the ship just beneath the waves; and tensions rise when a body is discovered in the ship’s chapel. This voyage began like any other, but now it seems that the Atlantica may never reach its destination.

Immerse yourself among the passengers and crew of the SS Atlantica in this game of hidden loyalties, intrigue, and paranoia for three to six players. Some players are humans who are fighting for the survival of the ship, while others are traitors sent aboard the ship by mysterious beings to ensure that it never reaches port! Because player loyalties are hidden, determining who is friend and who is foe is critical to winning a thrilling game of Unfathomable.

Lurking within the depths of the Atlantic Ocean are a swarm of vicious, unspeakable horrors, the Deep Ones. For reasons unknown, they have set their sights on the Atlantica, and their minions have infiltrated the steamship to help sink it from within. Each game of Unfathomable has one or more players assuming the role of one of these hybrids, and how well they can secretly sabotage the efforts of the other players might mean the difference between a successful voyage and a sunken ship.

While Unfathomable takes place in the Arkham Horror Files universe based on the Cthulhu Mythos, it takes place many years before the events of the Arkham Horror board game and card game. Because of this, this game features a full cast of brand-new playable characters, each of which has never been seen in the Arkham universe before.

Are you a friend to humanity or a hybrid saboteur?


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Players: 3 - 6
Ages: 14+
Runtime: 2 - 4h
Designer: Tony Fanchi, Corey Konieczka