Arkham Horror LCG Core Set

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We have deprecated this product in favor of the new Revised Core Set. (The new one is way better!)

Something evil stirs in Arkham, and only you can stop it. Blurring the traditional lines between roleplaying and card game experiences, Arkham Horror: The Card Game is the Living Card Game of Lovecraftian mystery, monsters, and madness!

You and your friend (or up to three friends with two Core Sets) become characters within the quiet New England town of Arkham. No matter what compels you, no matter what haunts you, you'll find both your strengths and weaknesses reflected in your custom deck of cards.

The basic mode of play in Arkham LCG is not the adventure, but the campaign. You might be scarred by your adventures, your sanity may be strained, and you may alter Arkham's landscape, burning buildings to the ground.

All your choices and actions have consequences that reach far beyond the immediate resolution of the scenario at hand. And your actions may earn you valuable experience with which you can better prepare yourself for the adventures that still lie before you.


  • 239 Cards
  • 149 Tokens 
  • 1 Campaign Guide
  • 1 Learn to Play Book
  • 1 Rules Reference Guide


Players: 1–2 Players
Ages: 14+
Designer: Nate French, Matthew Newman