Venture and Dungeon

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Venture and Dungeon are two tabletop roleplaying games inspired by high-fantasy games like Dungeons & Dragons. With a new perspective on traditonal fantasy, these two games bring a lot to the table using the Belonging Outside Belonging system of collaborative storytelling.


In Venture, you play as an adventuring party of a traditional fantasy story, but framed in a way that shifts your perspective, focusing on the inner lives of your characters. It encourages you to think about who your character is and why they do what they do. What does it feel like to create a fireball from nothing as a Wizard? What would it mean to be the tank of a party as a Fighter? What is a relationship with a deity like as a Cleric?

Build new characters or use your characters from an existing D&D campaign to tell a new and interesting story about your party.


In Dungeon, you play as a group of teenagers playing Dungeons & Dragons while dealing with the experiences (and perils!) of high school. Whether that peril is the vast dungeon you explore as a group once a week, or the existential terror of high school, you’ll need to work together confront mocking skeletons and bloodsucking bullies. At least you have an old and battered sourcebook! What do you do next?


System: Belonging Outside Belonging
Mechanic: Gm-less, Dice-less
Number of Players: 3+
Genre: Classic Fantasy
Themes: Introspection, High School Experiences
Designer: Riley Rethal (Venture), Jay Dragon (Dungeon)
Art: Worsey