Workshop | Master Storytelling w/ Lauren Bilanko

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Twenty Sided Workshops are great for those at any experience level. Go behind the screen with Lauren Bilanko and master the art of Twenty Sided Storytelling.

Each course provides an opportunity to gain new skills and practice techniques that will last a lifetime. All of our classes are small, providing discussion and creative inspiration.

We are constantly learning, sharing, and refining our skills. Each session begins where you are at and will continue to grow with you as you level up.

Age: Adult, Teen
Level: Beginners Welcome!
Experience: Workshop
Runtime: 2 hrs

Guiding the Game

Guiding the Game covers everything you need to know to get a D&D game up and running. This workshop consists of a presentation with hands on examples, followed by a round table discussion.

Lauren will guide you through the basics of preparing for a D&D session, making adjustments on the fly, and how to run a great game for a group of adventurers. Everything from preparing a one-shot to running an ongoing campaign will be covered in this course. Whether you are interested in becoming a professional Guide or just want to learn some handy tips and tricks for your home game, this is the course for you!

Experience: No experience necessary. 

Adventure Writing

Interactive Storytelling is one of the most unique writing structure forms to date. When we create an interactive story we ask our audience to participate, and collaborate in the story process, improvising details that will generate a custom experience.

In this course we explore interactive story structures in roleplaying games and how they differ from traditional story structures. We will discuss techniques on writing your own adventures, customizing prewritten adventures, and organizing adventures into sessions and campaigns.

Experience: General knowledge of what a roleplaying game is.

Private Sessions

Private sessions are 2 hours held virtually over Discord or inPerson at Twenty Sided.

ABOUT Lauren

Lauren, co-owner of Twenty Sided, has been guiding roleplaying games for over a decade. She continues to learn and share her experiences and knowledge with others. She has written blog articles on running large scale D&D events for the D&D Adventurers League and was invited by Chris Perkins to talk on a panel at PAX East giving D&D advice to players and DMs.