Spotlight May the 4th 2022

Spotlight May 2022 | Sci-Fi, Superheroes, and The Multiverse

 Spotlight May 2022 | Sci-Fi, Superheroes, and The Multiverse

This month Twenty Sided Store is celebrating Sci-fi, Superheroes, and The Multiverse! Swing by the store and check out our new displays and head over to our Featured Spotlight collection online for more details. 

Grogu, our very special guest is here to give you a tour of his favorite games in the Multiverse...

 Offworlders & Marvel RPG

Offworlders by local 20sider, Chris Wolf, is an easy entry sci-fi roleplaying game perfect for a one-shot or mini-campaign. The adventurers, outlaws, and guns for hire making their fortune on the rough end of the galaxy remind Grogu of the Outer Rim in Edge of the Empire.

Marvel just released the Marvel Multiverse Roleplaying Game Playtest Rulebook. It uses a unique D616 System and is printed to the exact size and paper stock as a Marvel Comic Book with beautiful illustrations of your favorite superheroes.

 The Crew, Terraforming Mars, The Search for Planet X

The Crew is the perfect cooperative trick-taking game with over 50 different missions that span the solar system in Quest for Planet Nine!

The Search for Planet X will have you playing astronomers searching for a new planet solving logic puzzles as you explore and discover the vastness of space. There is a companion app to help manage game play and keep you focused on your mission. Don't let Grogu's cuteness distract you!

Terraforming Mars takes place in the future when Earth has become so unhabitable, that the mega corporations that you work for have settled on Mars to make a better life for us humans. 

Aliens, Star Trek, Shadowrun

Aliens, Star Trek Adventures, and Shadowrun are on Grogu's top 10 Sci-fi cinematic style roleplaying games. These Starter Sets have every thing you need to play. They feature worlds familiar, foreign, and terrifying. They are complex and provide the perfect range of setting and system for creating your own adventures.

Dune Imperium, Space Base
Dune Imperium is a deck building, worker placement game where the fate of the Empire hangs on your decisions. Conflict is inevitable, and its outcome is uncertain. However, one thing is certain, whoever controls the spice controls the universe…
Marvel Champions
Marvel Champions Sinister Motives is the fourth campaign expansion for the Marvel Champions Card Game. It has all new scenarios featuring Grogu's favorite neighborhood superhero, Spiderman!
Back to the Future, Galaxy Trucker, Start Wars Rebellion, Star Wars Imperial Assault
Galaxy Trucker and Back to the Future are light-hearted strategy games perfect for playing after dinner or on the weekend with a group of friends. 
D&D Monsters of the Multiverse
Grogu just learned to play D&D and has been pulling various Monsters from The Multiverse and the Rules Expansion Gift Set to help us crown the "Top Monster" download Morgan's Monster Bracket and follow along on Twenty Sided's Instagram Stories to cast your vote!
D&D 5e Rules Expansion Gift Set
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