Spotlight Spring 2022 Animal Lovers

Spotlight April 2022 | Animal Lovers


This spring we bring you a collection of Curious Creatures.

Fox in the Forest frolic, and Dog LoverGet Wild. Birds Wingspan and soar over Cascadia as you Wanderhome. You soak in a little Animal Medicine and join the other Cat Ladies in a game of How to RPG with your Cat.

Check out our Spotlight collection for the complete curated list of games for animal lovers.

 How to RPG with your Cat

How to RPG with your Cat

When we played How to RPG with our cats, Arya got really into rolling the oversized d20 Morgan had made for her and Arrow gave me a look like "games are for humans!" Eventually she got into the adventure prompts and became tangled in yarn.

Share your RPG cat adventures. Join the Twenty Sided Discord and post photos and videos of your #familiars favorite moments.

Dogs Bond


Finally a dog themed game... In Dogs BOND you get to play as super adorable dogs... batting those puppy eyes... and doing your best to get adopted. You will not settle for just any family because you want to go home with your Forever Family. So be prepared to show off your uniqueness!


Get Wild

Nations Parks Get Wild

In Get Wild you roll dice to restore all the wildlife back to their native habitats. The art on this game has that wish you were here postcard vibe and every time I play this game I am nostalgic for when traveled to some of these National Parks on family vacations as a kid. For a luck based game, the strategy and scoring is very satisfying – perfect for a quick after dinner game night.

Dinosaur World

Dinosaur World

Dinosaurs are no longer extinct! You have scientifically cloned their DNA and raised them from hatchlings in your Dinosaur World amusement park. However, your park is feeling some pressure from competitors and you must figure out how to clone new behemoths for your upcoming attractions.

I love how this game uses science, safety, and profitability as its resources. I keep thinking of the quote in Spider Man, "Great power comes with great responsibility." 

How far will you go to succeed... and at what cost?


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