Selection of dinner party board games and RPGs

Spotlight November 2022 Dinner Party Staff Picks

The holidays will soon be upon us and that means dinner party season! We've put together a selection of games for any group you might be dining with– from mystery lovers to theatre aficionados, we've got you covered. Dig in! (Sorry, I had to.)

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For the Group that Loves to Argue (in a fun way)

You've Got Problems & Wavelength

In You've Got Problems, you'll be convincing your friends to choose the life you make for them. Filled with hilarious "would you rather" situations and arguments for whose problem is the most tolerable, you'll really get to know your friends and the terrible choices they make.

Wavelength is a fantastic party game that pits two teams against each other to guess the exact spot on a spectrum the clue giver places a word. On a scale of hot to cold, where would they place 'coffee'? When your team guesses exactly right, it feels like you just might have psychic powers. (I once played this game for hours and no one was even keeping score.)

For the Group that Loves a Good Mystery

MicroMacro Crime City & Deadly Dinner Party

MicroMacro Crime City is a cooperative detective game with serious Where's Waldo vibes. You'll be working together to find clues and solve crimes on a giant fold-out map. Magnifying glass included for extra detective points.

If your group is into more of a "hands-on" mystery experience, the Deadly Dinner series is for you! These dinner party box sets come with everything you need to host your very own murder... uh, mystery party. Everyone will take the role of a murder suspect and the story will unfold throughout the night. Bon appétit!

For your Design Friends

Illusion & Hues and Cues

Hues and Cues will have you and your friends guessing a specific hue on a board of over 480 colors. Can you put your marker on the exact shade of apricot you friend is thinking of? Closest person wins [the admiration of your design friends].

Illusion is a fast, fun card game of optical illusions. You'll be placing your cards according to the most dominate color in the picture. With some mind bending artwork, trusting your eyes might get interesting. An excellent addition to any cocktail party.

For your Roleplaying Group

Tiny Library & i'm sorry did you say street magic

No prep solutions for a campaign off-night or any other night!

i'm sorry did you say street magic is a city-building game played in a single session. You'll take turns exploring the city, meeting its inhabitants and creating a vibrant and multifaceted metropolis together. All in the span of one dinner! 

Tiny Library is a deck of tons of single-card RPGs ready to go. Just shuffle, draw a card and play!

For your Actor Friends

Zounds! & Tall Tales

Theatre-goers and Shakespeare fans alike can really let their Theatre 101 skills fly in Zounds! Drawing characters cards from famous Shakespeare works, you'll use them to cast your plays. Bonus points if you can finish the line of dialogue on the card. All the world's a stage... and stuff.

Tall Tales is a competitive storytelling game. Complete the prompt for each scene and vote on your favorite. The top scenes will get entered into the final tale. You'll come up with some interesting stories you can later turn into a screenplay if enough people vote on it. (Pretty sure that's how that works.) 

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