Board Game Meeples on a wood background

Meeple March

Have you ever played a board game that had just the coolest pieces?

This month, we're celebrating just that – all things Meeple – and this is our round up of games that have some really great components.

Dinosaur World

Thinking of opening your own Jurassic Park? Then foolishly abandon your morals– this game is for you! Featuring adorable Dino Meeples and (*gasp*) Jeeples, you'll need to hire people to gather DNA, clone new dinosaurs, and design new attractions. This game also has a fantastic beginner variant version of the rules to get you started!

Lost Ruins of Arnak

Indiana Jones more your speed? (I swear not all of these are movie adjacent.) In Lost Ruins of Arnak, you will lead an expedition to explore the island of Arnak– find lost artifacts, and face fearsome guardians, all in a quest to learn the island's secrets. With a variety of actions, artifacts, and equipment cards, the setup for each game will be unique, encouraging you to seek out new strategies each time to meet the challenge, you know, like a real explorer (I assume).

Great Western Trail

Coming in at #1 for Most Adorable Meeples™, is Great Western Trail– I mean, look at those little hats! In this strategy game, you play a rancher trying to get your cattle from Texas to Kansas City. You'll need to keep your herd in good shape in order to make money. Hire cowboys (again, the hats!), upgrade your equipment and buildings and keep those cows happy!

Lords of Waterdeep


Set in the Dungeons & Dragons city of Waterdeep, Lords of Waterdeep is an excellent introduction to a worker placement game. (One of those games where each turn, you put your "worker" on a space and that space gives you certain things.) In this case, as a Lord of Waterdeep, you'll recruit adventurers to go on quests on your behalf, earning rewards and increasing your influence over the city. Incredibly easy to learn, this game will have everyone on board by turn number two. And by "on board" I mean ruthlessly vying for control of the city. Have Fun!


Check out the rest of the collection on our Featured Spotlight page and come learn these games (and more!) at our Stay'N'Play tables at the Event Space this month!

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