We Didn't Playtest This Either

by Asmadi
SKU: 8388
UPC: 689076992107

More cards for your Playtest Deck! Be sure to watch out for sharks! And cake. Especially the cake.

Many will enter, some will win. All will laugh.

Play this game on its own, or mix it with other titles. Each game can last anywhere from seconds up to two minutes. Some games will ask for strategy, some games are just the luck of the draw!

It's silly, random, and perfect for parties

Mix these cards with the other Playtest games for even more silliness! 


  • 53 Cards
  • Dice Are Fun Mini-Expansion
  • Blue Cards Mini-Expansion
  • 1 Rule Card


Players: 2-10
Ages: 12+
Designer: Chris Cieslik